What's it like arriving in Europe as a refugee? Share your experiences

2019-10-08 07:13:45


alone in the hope of earning asylum and giving his family a better life. His hopes were set on Sweden, where immigration policies – automatic residency if successful and relatively streamlined family reunification processes – would give him and his family the best chance of being reunited.

We want to hear from other people who have shared a similar experience to Hashem or been part of a refugee’s journey to Europe. Do you have a related story – either as someone who arrived in Europe as a refugee, or someone who works with refugees after their arrival? .

Hashem’s journey brought him to Sweden, whose policies towards refugees have been praised by the UN. The country receives the highest number of Syrian refugees per capita than any other country in the EU. In the 12 months preceding March 2015, the country of 9.5 million people processed 81,410 asylum cases.

This number is second only to Germany, with its population of 80.2 million, who processed 202,815 applications in 2014 – over six times as many asylum applicants as the UK and twice as many as any other country in .

Germany, Sweden, and Austria, who take the highest number of refugees in Europe, are in support of the EU imposed immigration quotas – which aims to relocate refugees from Italy and Greece. The number of migrants to have arrived in Italy by boat this year . The UK has no plans to participate in the EU scheme.

Immigration policies, and processes differ widely across Europe, and we want to hear what it’s like in your country:

  • Have you or a family member arrived in Europe as a refugee? What is their experience?
  • What was the asylum process like?
  • Do you meet refugees as part of your work? What is your experience?

Whatever your experience, we want to hear your story. We’ll use a selection of responses in a feature on the site

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