Parents queue from 3am for Cardiff school breakfast club place

2019-10-01 01:15:07


Scores of parents and grandparents queued up from the early hours outside a Cardiff primary school to try to secure places for their children in a .

About 130 parents, armed with folding chairs, flasks and snacks, lined the pavement outside the school, Ysgol Y Berllan Deg, to grab a spot.

Annett Farrow, 69, left her home in Carmarthen 55 miles (90km) away at 1am to secure her place in the queue.

She said: “We have been on the road since 1am and got here at 3am. My son and daughter-in-law are on holiday so we had to come. If it gets them a place it will have been worth it.

“We have bought biscuits and crisps – the only problem is the toilets. We have been using the toilets in the hotel opposite.”

Leanne Taylor, who has a child at the school, also arrived at about 3am. She said: “If I drop them off at 8.30 I won’t be getting into work until 10 because of the traffic. If I didn’t have this I would not be able to go to work – I can’t risk not getting a place, I don’t have a plan B.”

The breakfast club is a Welsh government scheme aimed at providing a free, healthy meal at state primary schools each morning. It is intended to help improve the health and concentration of children to assist in raising the standards of learning and attainment. The scheme also aims to reduce health inequalities .

A council spokeswoman said: “Places at Ysgol Y Berllan Deg’s breakfast club are in high demand. Additional places have been created every year and the service is regularly reviewed.

“However, unfortunately due to staff and space limitations, the school is unable to provide a place for everyone who applies.”